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Manufacturing process:
Preparation of materials
Material used is grade A plastic, which are mixed according to the formula that emphasizes on both strength and stretch. As a result, we are able to manufacture smooth, clear and long-lasting plastic bags.
Blowing process
The materials prepared are put into the extruder which works at approximately 200-230 degree Celsius in order to melt the plastic through หัวไดร์. This is to produce plastic film and the machine will, then, adjust the size according to our need.
Printing Process
For plastic bags which are needed to be printed pictures, texts or any logos on, the film which is processed from เป่าขึ้นรูป are brought into printers. The printing system for this process is GRAVURE which uses several block screens for each main colour and the maximum number of colour for the printing process is 6 colours.
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